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"Vidar, Dyanov&Co" GP was established on 6th May 1991 as a family company which main activity was the manufacture of furnichure. At the very beginning, the company was oriented to the creation of unique furniture. Later on, because of the necessity of providing a complex service to the customers, the company extended its main activity to building and repairing works, design of facades, decorations, etc. Performing the design as well, we offer to the investor a complex service, beginning just from the idea and ending with the final implementation.

In 1999 we established a new “metal” department which produces different elements made of metal and metal furniture. Consequently, that enlarged the company’s activities and the need of use of external services was decreased to zero.

The VIDAR Company is spread out on 10 000 square meters self-owned land, regulated at 500 m. from the motor-way Rouse – Sofia, at the beginning of the town of Rouse. There is a 3 500 m² asphalt ground, 70 m² office premises, 500 m² furniture workshop, 200 m² section for metals and maintenance, 400 m² covered store.

The Company has the following managing structure:


VIDAR Company is specialized in the complex manufacture of interiors: design, building, repairing and finishing-off works, producing of wood furniture, laminate furniture, metal furniture, as well as mixtures of stone and glass.


The Company is equipped with a modern level machinery:

"Gubisch", "Metabo", "Bosch","Clemco","SCM". These machines ensure the possibility for cutting wood out with a multi-leaves buzz-saw, many-sided profile edging, shaft and band grinding, as well as a system for an "airless" - finishing treatment.

The possibilities for powdered painting, chrome-plating, stainless steel and brass treatment close the production cycle. The main materials that are used are: oak-tree, beech-tree, ash-tree, walnut-tree, cherry-tree, elm-tree, chestnut-tree, MDF.


2006 – „Sofia BT“ Office

2005 – Unique for Bulgaria products made of polyester resin with possibility to build different objects in – leaves, sea-shells, photos, seeds, etc., broad boards for tables, frames, pelmets, bathroom furniture, etc.

2004 – apartments, houses, places of public resort/entertainment;

2003 – “Diema+” TV;

2002 – “Bolyarite” restaurant;

2002 – Manufacture of chairs for Germany;

2000-2001 – Manufacture of children’s beds for Greece, apartments, houses, places of public resort/entertainment;

2000 – Hrankov Hotel;

1999 – "Wrigley" Bulgaria;

1998 – Full implementation of “Bulstrad” insurance group;

1997 – Office of the Chairman of Bulstrad and the contiguous to it floor;

1993-96 – Apartments of famous Bulgarian politicians and businessmen;

1992 – “Coca-Cola” Office, Textile and Clothes Shop “Sarzhela”, Office of “Petrikov” Publishing House, Office of “Maria Vaseva” Petrol Company;

1991 – A perfume and cosmetics shop belonging to "Dodi International"; Shop of Mehmed Ali Haidar.



Manager: D. Dyanov

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