At the basis of our advertising strategy lies our conviction in servicing oriented fully to the costumer.

Besides the high quality with 3 years warranty and proper implementation of the work schedule, our costumers get a part of our advertising budget.

This talon provides you with a bonus of 3% of the sum total contracted with a friend of yours who you have taken to us. In that way, you should help both – yourself and your friend, because you give him a 3%-advantage using that talon.

Moreover, you get a new talon under the same conditions. If a turnover of 10 000 BGN is produced by the customers who you have taken to us, you get a new, Second level talon for purchasing at a 5% discount.

If the generated turnover is 20 000 BGN you proceed to level 3 and also you get a gift – some kind of furniture of your choice with a price up to 700 BGN.

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